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KPRL MX Onsite Rules:

  • A waiver of liability must be signed at the time of sign up.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times even in the pits!

  • Stay off the Circle Track and the Property of the Circle Track!

  • If a rider is found on the circle track property or track they will be disqualified from racing!

  • If you did not bring it - Don't touch it.

  • Pack out what you bring in.

  • 1st Gear idle pit riding only - this includes vehicles.

  • Campfires must be in a fire ring. No Open Fires Allowed. Extinguish campfires before leaving.

  • No alcohol in the pits during racing

  • Pets must be tied up or on a leach - Clean up after your Pet!

  • No riding (rack or pit), or loud noise after 8:00 p.m.

  • Violation of track rules may result in disqualification and/or removal from KPRL property.

Track Closures


New Adult Member – $150.00

Renewal Adult Member – $125.00

Spouse of paid membership – $70.00

Minor under 17 with a paid parent/sponsor member $15.00

Please return Membership forms to:

(907) 953-8052 Bridgette Nelson or

(907) 398-6155 John Mellish

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Moto Cross Special Events


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